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How to pose for an Escort profile and po

How to pose for an Escort profile and portfolio

When you pose for a photograph as a NY escort, there is always the question of how you pose. Do you want to look glamorous, natural, sexy, enticing, and sophisticated, or do you want to look like the girl next door? The trick is to choose a good photographer, one who can capture the essence of who you are, what you look like, and that somehow conveys not just your beauty and sensuality, but your personality too.
NYC escorts come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are high-class escorts who escort as a full-time business. Most do escorting part-time, while paying for their studies. Some escort for fun, enjoying the high life between careers or settling down. And others are models, as often modelling and escorting go together. And men love escorts who are also models.

While models may already know the tricks to posing, not all escorts do. Here are a few tips:
Get a good photographer for your profile pics
This goes without saying. No VIP escort will use the guy with a great camera on his phone! Escorts use professional photographers. A good photographer may cost a bit of money, but is well worth the investment. A good photograph means good interest from future clients. Find a photographer who gives you the time and space to relax, feel natural, and look natural, beautiful and sensual, resulting in good pics.

Do your hair, make-up, and nails
NYC escorts always do their hair, make-up, and nails and do them beautifully. To be a good escort, you need to have a certain image, and no matter what your image is - playful, fun, sexy, sophisticated, serious, seductive, business-like, bright, vivacious - you need to look good! Your photographs should be well taken, and a good photographer will lead you and tell you which way to look, the angle of your face, when to flick your hair back and how to look sultry.
There is a certain image that a VIP escort has. Men are looking for gorgeous and glamorous women to escort them and also to hold a conversation with. They don’t want beauty only; they want someone they can talk to, who will be a good date, will show them the city, be a great companion, and even someone to travel with.
Your profile pic, and the bio that comes with it must show the person that you are, but in the most lovely, glamorous and sensual way.

What to highlight in your escorting profile
• The way you look, and your special attributes.
• What it is you do - model, actress, graduate, scholar.
• What you enjoy
• The kind of man you enjoy spending time with
• Anything that makes you stand out from the crowd.
If you are part of a team of high-class escorts, you know what is expected from you—class, style, and sophistication. Your photograph and your profile need to convey that. Beautiful profile pics show a beautiful woman, but they show what is behind her too. It’s the glint in her eyes, the seductive mouth, the way she moves or thinks! Get a great photographer!

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