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Do you have a chance to make it in the escort service industry? Well, it is time to find out. We are looking to hire talented women and give them an opportunity to transform them into attractive elite escorts. High-End Escort service is looking for enthusiastic and passionate women with certain features that make them stand out from the crowd. Are you wondering how you can become the most sought after Elite Escort in New York City? High-End Escort service is looking for ladies with the following distinctive features.


✓ Beauty is number one on the list. We are looking for escorts who know how to take care of themselves. You must be in great shape and be willing to work out and keep a healthy diet for a great body look.

✓ Taste: your taste must stand out from the rest. We prefer ladies who have great taste in fashion and passionate about how they look.

✓ Age: We are looking for ladies between the age of 20 and 30 years with a great positive attitude about life, making them adorable and admirable by anyone who walks in the room

✓ Open-minded: You must be enthusiastic about life and willing to look at different possibilities. You should portray a lot of confidence, and be good at conversations, and be a good listener as well.

✓ Do you like traveling? We are looking for ladies with adventurous minds who will feel comfortable in different social situations. You must be a fun person who can make a date as interesting as you possibly can.

If you possess some of the above qualities, you are more than welcomed to apply as an escort at the High End Escort Services agency.

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