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How to dress as an elite escort

There are certain principles involved that you should diligently follow when you work as part of the NY elite escorts team at high end models. Privacy is the most crucial factor, and all escorts need to be discerning. Nothing is more important than a client’s privacy, and the trust factor goes far. After that, a man expects a certain standard from an escort. She must look good, have great style, be well dressed, be intelligent and able to have a good conversation, be engaging, light and entertaining, seductive and sophisticated, all at once!

Daytime versus night-time
VIP escorts need to dress in a certain way during the day and differently at night. Daywear should be fashionable, stylish, and not too overtly sexy. During the night, and it depends on the occasion, it should be a little bit classier, a little bit sexier, a little tighter, a little glitzier. But it all depends on where the evening is going to be spent or during the times spent with the client. If it’s a work function, elegance is the key. If it’s a nightclub, an edgy, sexy but glamorous and beautiful dress would be expected with a pair of heels while a little black dress for a cozy night over dinner. It’s always about style and sophistication.

Beautiful wardrobes
VIP Escorts all have beautiful wardrobes filled with lingerie, expensive clothing, gorgeous shoes, and fabulous accessories. A man, or client, because not always does a client need to be a man, except a level of style, sexiness, and perhaps a hint of mischief. He likes to feel good silk, needs to appreciate the satin, or the lace, or the high heels. He recognizes a Chanel handbag or a Louis Vuitton purse. New York escorts, like the city, need to be stylish, and they are stylish. They spend money on their clothes; they love wearing good clothes just as their clients like seeing them in suitable clothing.

An escort should never look like an escort
There’s a big difference between a high-class call girl and VIP escorts. Call girls often look like call girls. An escort needs to look like she is your partner, your date, or your best friend forever. Her clothing should not be trashy. It needs to be of excellent quality. A little luxury impresses men and goes a long way. A woman should be stylish and sophisticated. Just like New York, NYC escorts are vibrant, filled with life, vivacious, elegant and always, adventurous.
An escort should dress beautifully. A man wants to feel like he has the most beautiful woman by his side, one who makes him feel special. That is what NY elite escorts do. They make men feel fabulous; they make men feel like they are with the best company in the world.

Hair and hugs
VIP escorts look like they’ve just walked out of a beauty salon. They have stunning hair. Their nails look great. Their skin is soft and clear. And escorts should have a warm personality. They like to hold hands, give a hug, be made to feel welcome, and likewise, welcome their clients too. There’s nothing more beautiful than a New York Escort. You can call one right now and book the girl of your dreams.

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